One Day First Aid Refresher Course (ODRC)


St. John provides One Day First Aid Refresher Course for applicants who require to renew their "Certificate in First Aid". These refresher courses are arranged on Saturdays or Sundays with practical sessions on Bandaging and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. Applicants are advised to revise First Aid theories on their own.


  1. Individual application
    • HK$130 per candidate (including practical demonstration VCD and equipment maintenance fee, exclude postage for sending the certificate by post)
  2. Group application
    • HK$130 per candidate (exclude postage for sending the certificate by post) with class size from 15 to 24
  3. For course/examination conducted outside Hong Kong, a subsistence allowance of HK$500/day for each Lecturer and/or Examiner will be charged
  4. Examination may be conducted at specified time/date/venue. An extra fee of HK$1,000 will be charged
  5. First Aid Course Manual (Chinese Edition) published by Hong Kong St. John Ambulance
    • HK$80/book
  6. Bandages pack
    • HK$38/pack
  7. Resusci Face Shield Keyring (optional)
    • HK$23/pack
  8. Disposable manikin Face Shield (for training & examination use) (optional)
    • HK$3/pc
  9. Issuance of certificate (after announcement of examination result)
    • HK$ 50/copy
  10. Re-issuance of certificate (if required)
    • HK$50/copy

(Note: Items c to h are obtainable at 4/F., St. John Tower, 2 MacDonnell Road, H.K. during office hours.)

Course Duration

7 hours (usually held on Saturday/Sunday from 9:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese (English Class for group application only)

Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Course

Nursing and healthcare related staff who completed One Day First Aid Refresher Course can be awarded with 2 CNE points.

  • This course is held regularly
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • Candidate holding an expired "Certificate in First Aid" not more than 6 months can apply for the ODRC course
  • For individual application, please check Course Timetable and complete Application Form One Day First Aid Refresher Course
  • For group application, please complete Group Application Form (AFII)
  • Class will be cancelled if the Black Rainstorm Warning/Typhoon Signed No.8 or above is hoisted, and class will be resumed when the signal is lowered 2 hours before class commencement

Tel: 2530 8024 (ODRC/HDRC)