Introduction to First Aid and CPR Certificate Course (IFA)


  1. To introduce basic principles of First Aid
  2. To provide hands-on practice on basic First Aid treatment
  3. To motivate further perusal of First Aid knowledge and skills
  4. To pass the Adult CPR assessment



  1. Government/Voluntary Organization
    • HK$220 per candidate (including certificate & equipment maintenance fee) with class size from 8 to 12
  2. Corporate Firm
    • HK$2640 per class (including certificate & equipment maintenance fee) with class size from 8 to 12
  3. Resusci Face Shield Keyring (optional)
    • HK$23/pack
  4. Disposable manikin Face Shield (for training & examination use) (optional)
    • HK$3/pc


Course Content

  1. Principles of First Aid & Action at an emergency
  2. Bleeding and Control Bleeding
  3. Recognition and Management of Shock and Fainting
  4. Recognition and Management of Heart Attack
  5. Recognition and Management of Fractures
  6. Management of Burns and Scalds
  7. Management of Airway Obstruction
  8. Management of Asthma
  9. Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
  10. Epilepsy
  11. Recovery Position
  12. A Standard First-Aid Kit
  13. Adult CPR
  14. History of Hong Kong St. John Ambulance and its activities

Course Duration

6 hours (including Adult CPR assessment)

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese / English


  1. CPR assessment
  2. The result slip will be sent to the organizer


  1. Candidates will be awarded an Attendance Certificate. CPR Certificate will also be awarded to those who passed the CPR assessment. The certificate is valid for three years, and candidates are recommended to re-take this course every year.
  2. The organizer or his/her delegate must bring along the original copy of the result slip to the Association counter during office hours for collection of all certificates.
  • Courses are held on request
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • For application, please complete Group Application Form (AFII)
  • Class will be cancelled if the Black Rainstorm Warning/Typhoon Signal No.8 or above is hoisted, and class will be resumed when the signal is lowered 2 hours before class commencement

Tel: 2530 8020/2530 8021 (Individual application for Certificate in First Aid / Basic First Aid / Adult/Child/Infant CPR / IFA)