Basic Home Nursing Course (BHN)


  1. To introduce the basic concepts of Home Nursing
  2. To practise the basic skills of Home Nursing 


  1. Individual Application
    • HK$150 per candidate (including equipment maintenance fee) 
  2. Group Application
    • HK$150 per candidate (including equipment maintenance fee) with a minimum class size of 20 
  3. Home Nursing Manual (published by Hong Kong St John Ambulance)
    • HK$90/book
  4. Bandages pack
    • HK$38/pack 
  5. Issuance of certificate (after announcement of examination result)
    • HK$50/copy
  6. Re-issuance of certificate (if required)
    • HK$50/copy

(Note : Items c to f are obtainable at 4/F., St. John Tower, 2 MacDonnell Road, H.K. during office hours)

Course Content

  1. Brief Concepts of Home Nursing 
  2. Measure Patient's Vital Signs     
  3. Promote Patients' Comfort     
  4. Personal Hygiene     
  5. Diet and Nutrition     
  6. Elimination     
  7. Prevent Infections     
  8. Wound Dressing     
  9. Drugs     
  10. Ambulation     
  11. Home Safety

Course Duration

20 hours (usually 2 hours/session for 10 sessions) 

Medium of Instruction



  1. Candidates attending less than 80% of the lectures will not be eligible for examination. Each candidate must be examined in the following subjects :
    • Theory of Basic Home Nursing
    • Nursing Procedures
    • Bandaging Technique
  2. Candidates, who failed in either one part of the Examination, can apply for the supplementary examination for the failed subject within 3 months from the date of the result announcement. Failures in two or three subjects are not eligible to sit for the supplementary examination.
  3. The result announcement date will be made known to candidates during the examination. Candidates can check examination results through the Association counter or through our enquiry hotline on at 2524 4888 by using their preset caller ID number(s). Candidates will not be informed individually of the examination results.
  4. For group application, the result slip will be sent to the organizer.



  1. Candidates who passed the examination will be awarded the Basic Home Nursing Certificate which is valid for three years. 
  2. Certificates will be ready for collection during office hours at the Association counter immediately after the announcement of examination result and should be collected within 3 months.Copy of Identity Card of the candidates must be shown upon collection of First Aid Certificate by friends or relatives.
  3. The organizer or his/her delegate must bring along the original copy of the result slip to the Association counter during office hours for collection of all certificates.


  • Courses are usually held on request
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • For individual application, please check Course Timetable and complete Individual Application Form (AFI)
  • For group application, please complete Group Application Form (AFII)
  • Class will be cancelled if the Red Rainstorm Warning/Typhoon Signed No.3 or above is hoisted, and class will be resumed when the signal is lowered 2 hours before class commencement