Essential Home Care for Domestic Helper



- Assist elderlies in carrying out activities of daily living by reducing any potential home hazards;

Learn about the essential knowledge and skills relating to caring frail elderlies staying at home setting;

- Promote and support elderlies to stay home safely in order to enhance their quality of life.

Target Audience

- Employed domestic helpers who are/ will taking care of weak (partially assisted) elderlies


HKD $800 (including learning materials and certificate)

Course Content

  1. Correct posture of Care-giver: Principle of Manual Handling and Techniques
  2. Home Safety and Fall Prevention
  3. Measuring Temperature, Blood Pressure and Bloor Sugar Level
  4. Feeding: Assisted Feeding (eg. Using thickener), Food Safety
  5. Safety of taking oral medication
  6. Maintain comfort and hygiene
  7. Oral hygiene and assisted bath
  8. Grooming (Stroke elderlies), Incontinence Care, Skin damage handling
  9. Assisting mild immobilized elderlies: Turning, Use of walking aids 

Course Duration

8 hours

Medium of Instruction

English / Cantonese


Certificate will be given to candidate with full attendance


a. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

b. Class will be cancelled if the Black Rainstorm Warning/Typhoon Signed No.8 or above is hoisted, and class will be resumed when the signal is lowered 2 hours before class commencement

c. For individual application, please check Course Timetable (Full Day or Evening) and complete Individual Application Form (AFI)