A) First Aid Lecturers/ Home Nursing Lecturers/ AED Instructors/ PHTLS Instructors

Members of the public who are 21 years of age or above, holders of a valid First Aid Certificate, holders of Associate Degree or above, and meeting the language proficiency requirements, i.e., level 2 / E or above in Chinese Language and English Language in the HKDSE or equivalent and passed the Lecturer Training Course conducted by the Association, will be appointed by the Association as First Aid Lecturers.

Please refer to Course List for the details of Lecturer Training Course.

Holders of a Certificate of Registration issued by the Nursing Board of Hong Kong or equivalent, can apply to join as Home Nursing Lecturers. They must attend a Teaching Methodology Workshop conducted by the Association before they are qualified to conduct Home Nursing Courses.

AED/PHTLS candidates who have excellent performance during AED/PHTLS courses, upon recommendation by Instructor(s), will be invited by the St. John Ambulance Association, to the Instructor course. After successful completion of the AED/PHTLS Instructor courses, they are qualified to conduct AED/PHTLS courses.

A majority of Association courses and examinations are conducted by First Aid Lecturers/ Home Nursing Lecturers/ AED Instructors/ PHTLS Instructors, supplemented by instructions given by full-time Training Officers. Honorarium is paid to First Aid Lecturers/ Home Nursing Lecturers/ AED Instructors/ PHTLS Instructors in recognition of their services.

First Aid Lecturers/ Home Nursing Lecturers/ AED Instructors/ PHTLS Instructors may also participate in other St. John activities, such as seminars, workshops, exhibitions and competitions.

B) Board/Committee/Panel

Board/ Committee/ Panel Members of the Association meet regularly to review and propose standards in the teaching of First Aid and Home Nursing, and to assist in the training of Lecturers and Instructors. Appointments of Board/ Committee/ Panel Members may be offered to the following professions:

a) Registered Medical Practitioner
b) Registered Nurse

Nomination must be done by the respective Board/ Committee/ Panel to Director's Conference for approval.

Please complete and submit the Association Membership Application Form at the Association Counter.


Members of the public who reach the age of 17 with good conduct and suitable physique, as well as holders of a valid First Aid Certificate and Automated External Defibrillation Provider Course (AED) Certificate, are eligible to apply for joining the Brigade. Those who do not possess a valid First Aid Certificate may also apply, but have to attend and pass a First Aid Course arranged by St. John before they can be enrolled as members.

Apart from training in first aid, members will be taught in home nursing, foot-drill, knowledge of Brigade Regulations, leadership training, division administration and management.

Brigade uniforms are provided free to members, who are required to attend at least 60 hours of trainings/meetings, to pass an annual re-examination, be present at the annual inspection, and to perform at least 60 hours public duties yearly (e.g. first aid duties at ambulances, football matches, athletic meets, horse races, walkathons and other public gatherings wherever crowds collect or casualties may be expected), in order to meet the efficiency requirements.

You are welcome to join the Brigade as volunteer. Please visit our Brigade Volunteer Recruitment Page and fill in the online application form at http://www.hksjab-recruit.org/ (available in Traditional Chinese only).

Should there be any enquiries, please feel free to contact the Brigade Office during office hours.


Juvenile/children who wish to join the Cadet/Panda divisions of the Youth Command, Hong Kong St John Ambulance Brigade may enroll through their respective secondary/primary schools (if Cadet/Panda divisions have already been set up) upon obtaining consent from their parents/guardians for enrollment.

For students aged between 12 and 18 and there being no cadet division set up in their respective schools, they are welcomed to enroll the “Open Combined Cadet Division” of the Youth Command.

Secondary/primary school students coming from “Comprehensive Social Security Assistance” families, or receiving Full/Half Grant under the Financial Assistance Scheme of the Student Finance Office, Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency may submit application for subsidy under the Needy Student Scheme, which is funded by Home Affairs Bureau to subsidize them in procuring uniform, or joining activities and training courses.

For matters related to application for enrollment and further information about the Youth Command, please visit the Youth Command Website. Should there be any enquiries, please feel free to contact the Youth Office during office hours.

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