Who We Are


Hong Kong St. John Ambulance is a charitable organization with a long history stretching back over a century and has been serving the community since 1884.

In Hong Kong, the St. John Ambulance Association was established in 1884, followed by the Ambulance Brigade in 1916 and the Council in 1949. Adhered to its motto, "For the Service of Mankind", the organisation is dedicated to provide First Aid and ambulance services in emergency, dental care for the elderly and patients with special needs, and courses of instructions on First Aid and Home Nursing for the general public.

Since its establishment, St. John in Hong Kong has been operating under the Order of St. John Ordinance Chapter 1047 in the laws of Hong Kong, and in accordance with the regulations given by St. John Headquarters in London with His Majesty King Charles III as the Sovereign Head of the Order.

To facilitate a smooth transition for the services and operation of the St. John Council for Hong Kong after the sovereignty change over in1997 and to enable St. John in Hong Kong to exist as an independent organization free from the direction of the Order of St. John in United Kingdom, except for a fraternal relationship, a new Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Incorporation Ordinance (Chapter 1164) was enacted by the Legislative Council on 27 June, 1997. Under the new Ordinance, the old Council, the Association and the Brigade are now incorporated as a body corporate and have the new corporate name of Hong Kong St. John Ambulance, while the nature of the works of St. John remains unchanged.


To become the Centre of Excellence in the provision and education of First Aid and Home Nursing for the people of Hong Kong.


Hong Kong St. John Ambulance is dedicated to promoting and encouraging all works of humanity and charity for the relief of distress, suffering, sickness and danger without any distinction as to race, class or creed.

The principle and spirit of St. John's mission in Hong Kong is encompassed in its motto: "For the Service of Mankind".

Organization and Management

  • The Honourable , GBM, GBS, JP
    President, Hong Kong St. John Ambulance
    The Honourable John KC LEE, GBM, SBS, PDSM, PMSM
    The Chief Executive
    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    People’s Republic of China
  • Dr. David Mok Lai-foo
    Dr. Chung Chin-hung KStJ
    Council Chairman, Hong Kong St. John Ambulance
    • Dr. Chung Chin-hung Director
      Dr. Donald Li Kwok-tung SBS, CStJ, JP
      St. John Ambulance Association
    • Mr. Alfred Poon Sun-biu
      Dr. Alfred So Ping-fai MH, CStJ
      St. John Ambulance Brigade

The Council is the governing body of the organization, responsible for policy making, fund raising, allocation of resources, and providing support and co-ordination of the functions of the St. John Ambulance Association and Brigade.

The Director of the St. John Ambulance Association, in consultation with the Director's Conference, is responsible for ensuring that the training work of the Association is conducted efficiently. They are assisted by panels of volunteer doctors, nurses and lecturers.

The Commissioner is the Head of the St. John Ambulance Brigade, and the Commissioner's Conference is the supreme policy making body of the Brigade. In consultation with the Commissioner's Conference, the Commissioner is responsible for the organization, administration, provision of services and continuous development of the Brigade.